FOOD TOURISM has undergone a rapid evolution in recent years. INSPIRING a cult of travelers to wander the globe in search of AUTHENTIC UNIQUE dishes to be ENJOYED right at their SOURCE.

Andrew Zimmern

Some of my Travel Stories


I’ve always loved traveling and wish that I had documented my travels more and had been able to capture more trips on this blog than I have done. Hindsight, in hindsight is a wonderful thing! Anyway here’s a bit more about me, how I like to travel and some of the main ‘wishes’ from my ever growing list of places I want to visit and things I want to do.



My kind of Travel


I am a lady of extremes loving authentic adventure backpacking trips to off the beaten track destinations as much as five star luxury experiences and retreats.  I love beaches, cities, jungles and private islands – just kidding I haven’t been on a private island yet! 

On my wish list: trekking to see wild gorillas in Rwanda, doing the Trans Siberian Express, Climbing up Machu Pichu and going to the foothills of Everest.  Swimming with Sharks and dolphins (not at the same time!) Seeing the Northern Lights, Trekking through Jordan, Taking a total digital detox, Flying in a private jet, Taking a Cruise, Afternoon tea on the Orient Express, Hot air ballooning somewhere exotic, A parachute jump. Driving an RV around the UAE and/or going completely ‘off grid’ for a while.


Specialty Coffee and Travel


I’m passionate about coffee and am a real coffee lover, always on the hunt for specialty coffee and an avid supporter of Specialty Coffee Shops & Roasters. I’m always hunting out new coffee beans and coffee gadgets to grind and brew at home too. I love chatting to baristas as they brew, trying to pour some latte art (not as easy as it seems), learning about new beans, and new brewing methods.

On my wish list: a trip to a coffee plantation, more travel coffee brewing gadgets and to attend some of the Barista championships around the world.


Travel Rituals


My travel rituals always include : A luxurious afternoon tea somewhere special, lobster and champagne seafood dinner, shopping at the local markets, street food and fine dining.  Checking out the Specialty Coffee  scene, grabbing a copy of Rough Guide or Lonely planet and going off the beaten track a bit to experience something that’s authentic and not on the typical tourist trail.

On my wish list: a practical travel pack/suitcase. Light weight practical power source, anything that makes packing/unpacking easier, all lounge access pass, lightweight camera/video/phone technology with easy backup facilities. A worldwide data SIM card and dual sim phone.

…. etc, etc etc …….

Kayaking Thailand
Summit of Kilimanjaro
Amazing Thailand
Georgia coffee spot
Wadi Rum - Jordan
Hong island - Thailand
Wine - Georgia
Food Market Chanthaburi

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