Dubai Creek – Souqs, Spices & Sails

Dubai Creek "Pashmina, Watches, Spices, Perfume, Turkish Delight .... come look my friend, come look, I give you best prices". It's ten o'clock on a weekday morning and already the Spice Souq is bustling with tourists and the shopkeepers are busy trying to herd people into their shops, to taste,…

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I don’t want you to come to Dubai ….

I don’t want you to come to Dubai …

and leave thinking that Dubai is all about Five Star Hotels, VIP Experiences, pristine Hotel Beaches, Expensive Night Clubs, Shopping and the Desert !

I want you to come to Dubai and see it all !! See Dubai, the place I call home, for all that it has on offer from Seven Star to No Star there’s absolutely something here for everyone. (more…)

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