Should you buy followers & likes etc ….

Once upon a time, when I first set my blog up and quickly signed up to twitter and Facebook etc, I never thought anyone was going to read my blog, let alone “Like” *it, “Share” *it or “Comment” on *it, or  to find *it interesting enough to start “Following” *it and by *it I guess actually I mean me (or alter ego me), since whenever I tweet, instagram or share something on Facebook or my blog and all the other channels that I find myself using, actually it’s me, or my view, my image(s), my experience or something that I like, find funny, or can associate with that readers, followers, fans etc respond to in some shape or form whether it be a like, a comment, a retweet, or to favourite a tweet etc. Essentially it’s a two way ‘on-line conversation’ and of course it can be a ‘multi person on-line conversation’ if more people join in. Not only is a conversation, it can also be a measure (more…)

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