Philippines | Manila – visiting the President’s Palace

Getting anywhere in Manila in rush hour traffic is a slow process, cars, lorries, jeepneys, cycles, rickshaws, pedestrians, roadblocks, roadworks etc make for a generally slow but interesting journey.  Imagine then if you had a few police outriders and a police car ahead of you, stopping the traffic and redirecting the traffic around you trying to smooth your way …. just imagine …… well, imagine no more, because this is what happened to a group of journalists, including me, last week!

Our destination, the President’s Palace at Malacañan Palace where we had been invited for a dinner reception as part of (more…)

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Philippines | China Town in Manila

Social Media !! Love it or hate it, but it connects people across the globe.  A few weeks ago, just before leaving to fly to the Philippines I sent out a few tweets, the usual kind ‘off to the Philippines, any recommendations on things to do and / or see’ followed by another asking about any good walking tours to do in Manilla as I’m always on the hunt for authentic street food wherever I travel.  A few recommendations were made, but due to my availability I wasn’t able to fit onto one of the standard walking tour itineraries.  Then, out of the blue, along came my ‘knight in shining armour’ or should I say my local volunteer guide in his brothers car, which had windows which were tinted so dark, I was fairly convinced that there were no Street lights in China Town until I rolled down my window!


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Philippines | Cebu Streetfood

One of the interesting things about travelling and sharing your travels on social media, primarily twitter and Instagram, means that people interact with you as you are travelling. Whilst my travels are no way as social as those by the Emirati brothers Peyman Parham Al Awadi and Mohammad Parham Al Awadi…

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Philippines | Cebu City Tour

A short 60 minute flight from Manila takes us to the beautiful island of Cebu, famous for it’s beautiful beaches and diving. But there’s so much more to Cebu than first meets the eye, or should I say at first glimpse of the guidebook. The Alegre Guitar Factory allows you…

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