Ramadan Reflections & Losing Weight

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Ramadan That's it! Ramadan 2017 is officially over, as is EID and after twenty-nine days of fasting I jumped on the scales to see whether fasting had been good or bad to my body.  The good news is that I lost weight! I'm down a fantastic 3.2kgs (7 lbs) which is…

Ramadan | My second year fasting

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  Fasting Year 2 How did Ramadan sneak up so quickly? It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I first did my full fast. This year I'm doing a second year of Fasting and am sharing here some of my experiences. Day 1 I learnt a lesson…

Ramadan | Some alternatives … to Iftars and Suhoors

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An Alternative Ramadan Hold on .... Ramadan isn't just supposed to be full of  Iftar buffets, Suhoors and excessive food consumption and waste, so don't forget to enjoy the simpler pleasures and relish them (this year, for the second year in a row, I'm fasting so am perhaps seeing Ramadan…

Ramadan | Fasting for the first time

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UPDATE : This was written during 2015 which was my first year of fasting. I will be fasting again in 2016 and will share my experiences along the way.

Fasting | Ramadan 2015

So this year I decided to fast for the whole month of Ramadan, whilst not a Muslim I have many Muslim friends and wanted to experience fasting for myself. Not just for a day or two, or for a week, but for the whole month.

Today is Day 20 and the first time that I’ve sat down and thought about my experiences so far and put a figurative pen to paper.  So here goes :

Day 1 Woke 9.30 am – Bed 12.30 am

As a complete coffee addict the first thing I notice is the big change to my routine, I normally make my first coffee almost on waking and drink coffee continually during the day. Linking to the coffee thing, I have a headache for most of the day and have a dry mouth partly due to fasting and partly, I’m sure due to a serious caffeine withdraw.  Driving in the afternoon I feel less attentive and can’t concentrate, finding a parking space is hard, getting parked inside the lines is a bit harder as I can’t quite concentrate fully, this worries me, surely if I feel like this on day 1 it will get much worse by 30….


Ramadan | Fasting & Diabetes

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It's important to stay healthy during Ramadan particularly for those with diabetes, so here is information provided by Dr Farhana Bin Lootah, Internal Medicine Specialist at Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC). Ramadan Insights 1. What happens to my body during fasting? During fasting, at about eight hours after the…

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