Emporio Armani Caffe – Mall of the Emirates

I must admit that before I came to Dubai, I associated Shopping Mall dining to fast food eateries and family casual dining associating it with pizza, pasta, burger and fried chicken meals interspersed with a few average coffee shops.  A lot has happened since then and in particular the mall dining scene in Dubai is now big business and not just for the lower to medium end of eateries.

I was recently invited to have lunch at the recently opened new Emporio Armani Caffe at Mall of the Emirates which is the second Armani Caffe in Dubai, the other one being at Dubai Mall.  I’ve often walked past the Dubai Mall one and it’s always busy so I was keen to check out the new location.  Situated in the Fashion/Luxury Part of Mall of the Emirates (close to the Prayer Room), there are two parts to the Caffe. For those who like to see and be seen, you (more…)

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