Ramadan 2017 Specialty Coffee Shops

Speciality Coffee during Ramadan Love your Specialty Coffee and want to savour it during Ramadan? Here's the list for you!  This year just a small handful of Speciality Coffee shops have a license to operate during daytime.  The rest will typically open from Iftar til late although a few will…

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Ramadan | Coffee Shops

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Coffee Shops Open During Ramadan 2016 Love your coffee? Here's a special curated roundup of places to get a coffee (Specialty and otherwise) during Ramadan.  The places listed are independent or standalone cafe's and coffee shops, plus the chains which are outside of a hotel.  I've selected those places…

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Ramadan | Places to Drink Coffee

For the first year ever, I've compiled a list of coffee shops, that are open for drinking and dining in over Ramadan which are not covered elsewhere. All hotels will have a restaurant which is open during Ramadan where you can get a coffee and two of Dubai's foodies have…

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