2015 in Review

As 2015 draws to an end it seems an apt time to look back at the year and to celebrate some of the successes of the year. Top Posts Overall : My top three posts this year in terms of readership numbers focus on Coffee with my article Independent Coffee…

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Writers Block ! Time to Refocus !

Yup ! It's been too long ... I've had a long hot summer here in Dubai and have barely written a post on CoffeeCakesAndRunning since I wrote about fasting during Ramadan.  Sometimes, I get what I will call "bloggers block"! Every now and again I take a break from writing,…

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Should you buy followers & likes etc ….

Once upon a time, when I first set my blog up and quickly signed up to twitter and Facebook etc, I never thought anyone was going to read my blog, let alone “Like” *it, “Share” *it or “Comment” on *it, or  to find *it interesting enough to start “Following” *it and by *it I guess actually I mean me (or alter ego me), since whenever I tweet, instagram or share something on Facebook or my blog and all the other channels that I find myself using, actually it’s me, or my view, my image(s), my experience or something that I like, find funny, or can associate with that readers, followers, fans etc respond to in some shape or form whether it be a like, a comment, a retweet, or to favourite a tweet etc. Essentially it’s a two way ‘on-line conversation’ and of course it can be a ‘multi person on-line conversation’ if more people join in. Not only is a conversation, it can also be a measure (more…)

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