Learning to Live Better

Exactly twelve weeks ago I started a program called Switch 360 operated by a Company called Switch DXB. The program was offered as a competition prize and after a short selection process, four Dubai residents, including myself, were selected for the intense program with the aim of us learning how to live better. During the last twelve weeks we have been learning more about ourselves through a variety of different activities. We’ve been learning about different ways to Switch On and Switch Off with the ultimate aim of living better.

Can’t visualize what Switch 360 is all about? Take a look at this video which captures some of the activities we’ve been taking part in.


A phased approach

The twelve week program took us through three different phases each one building on the last in a progressive way. Each with the aim of learning to live better. A typical week would see us attending five or six different Switch 360 activities which were a mixture of Switch On and Switch Off activities. Switch On activities tend to be focussed on fitness and require energy expenditure whilst Switch Off tend to be more about relaxing and recharging. Some activities were a mix of the two.


I could be a tease and say you need to read more of the posts, and yes, of course you do – but just in case you don’t here are my results : I lost 10kgs in weight – a gain of 3kgs of muscle and a drop of 13 kgs of fat – giving the net result of 10kgs. In reality this means I’ve dropped about 3 dress sizes. My fitness has improved dramatically as has my self confidence, my skin and my energy and sleep levels. And this is just the start of my journey, there’s much more for me to do.  This isn’s about quick fixes, or easy results, it’s about learning to live a better life by knowing more about yourself and making changes to your lifestyle that work for you.  We are all individuals with our own routes to success, however we might define success.

If I’ve whetted your appetite at all, and you want to learn more about what we did and how you can join in too, then read on.

Want to Know more?

Read more about my journey and the fantastic companies and individuals who supported us through the program by clicking on any of the photos below.  Each click will take you through to a blog post about what we did, give you details on who to contact and most will have a YouTube video too.  There are raw, honest videos from me on my new YouTube channel, where I talk about my journey. You will also find the official Switch DXB videos which showcase some of our awesome experiences shot by a videographer who captured our progress.

Start Here – the Countdown before Switch 360 Started

But before you delve into the posts relating to the fantastic things we’ve done as part of the program, it’s probably best that you start at the very beginning with my first post all about  Applying for and being accepted for Switch 360 which was followed by a post about Everything you wanted to know about Switch 360, Getting ready for the program by some “therapeutic” Bra Shopping

Phase 1| Weeks 1 & 2

Phase 2 | Weeks 2 – 6

Phase 3 | Weeks 7 – 12

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