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Ramadan | FilingTheBlues


Another great initiative from Moti Roti, and other local businesses plus a few of us bloggers during Ramadan. Please support FillingTheBlues if you can, it’s so rewarding to bring a smile to the faces of guys like this.

Photo is from 2 years ago when a similar FillingTheBlues event took place called Fill a Blue Belly

What is it?

Each night of Ramadan, we, the local startups and upstarts of Dubai, will aim to fill the bellies of the labourers toiling in the summer heat.

How does it work?

30 mins before Iftar, turn up to the construction site next to Media Rotana, Tecom, and help us set up. At Iftar time, just handout the food as the guys start clocking out.

How do I take part?

Volunteers: Just turn up any night. Bring whoever you like. You can also donate towards biryanis we will give to the guys on the nights we dont have a business sponsoring it. 10aed/meal or 1000aed/night (100 labourers). You can bring cash donations with you to one of the iftars or contact [email protected] for bank transfer details.

Local businesses: Fill out the form on the Moti Roti site, and select a free slot on the calendar when you would like to participate.

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  1. I will share this as much as I can. Great initiative. And I think that it’s superb that you take part in it every year:)

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is something close to my heart so rewarding for all involved. To see the smile on the guys faces when we hand over food and drink is priceless. Ramadan Kareem

  3. This is such a really lovely initiative. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I will try to push my employer’s to sponsor some days for the event under our CSR activities.

  5. Hi thank you so much ! All support gratefully received – from a pair of hands to financial support or food. The look on the guys face as we hand out their food is such a great feeling. Thanks for sharing on Social Media too.

  6. Thanks it’s a rewarding project in so many ways.

  7. Thanks for sharing this – I was unaware of it. Sadly leaving tonight but will join in next year for sure.

  8. Thanks Sally for sharing on social media. Will keep you updated for next year.

  9. It is great to see the wonderful work you are doing speically during Ramadan for the needy! Keep it up 🙂

  10. Thank you, it’s a team effort and well worth it for everyone involved.

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Ramadan | FilingTheBlues

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