Nespresso Master Origin – celebrating traditional methods and new processes

An immersive experience

A world of Nespresso Master Origin Coffee

Nespresso lovers, can enjoy some new Master Origin coffee from across the world, with the launch of five new Master Origin coffee capsules which are now available in Nespresso shops.

The Launch – a virtual immersive worldwide trip!

To launch the new capsules, the team from Nespresso hosted an interactive coffee tour which I attended last week. The experience started off with a sensory testing area where through smell alone, we discovered which origin of coffee our senses were aligned to. Mine was India, which my ‘adopted desi sister – Ishita of IshitaUnblogged’ would be proud of as she refers to me as her Desi Brit sister!  The country was revealed in another sensory chamber, this time with a gorgeous immersive video experience highlighting the country of origin and revealing the country that had been selected.  Next followed an interactive tasting session with five different country themed stands each decked out with traditional arts and crafts along with the coffee and a small dessert which had been paired with the coffee.

Staff were extremely knowledgeable on the coffee and spent time explaining not only the tasting notes of the coffee, but also the unique story behind each coffee, more of that later.

Along with the tasting, we also spent time creating our own terrarium using compost enriched with recycled coffee grounds and making a small pottery cup at a pottery workshop both of which we got to bring home. The terrarium is proudly displayed in my lounge, whilst my cup, which I moulded into a square pot, sits hidden in a dark corner having discovered that ‘I am no artist’!

A fun, interactive and memorable launch to five new Master Coffee capsules which have been added to the growing Nespresso family.

Nespresso Master Origin Coffee

Is from five different countries each with a unique coffee and processing method. I was ‘matched’ to the Monsoon Malabar coffee from India but my personal favourite, after tasting all five was actually the Indonesian coffee which is wet processed.

Master origin collection


Wet monsoon winds sweep over India’s Malabar coasts for months with the unique conditions. Coffee is sourced using an age-old ‘monsoon’ technique, when coffee, transported via boat, took on a high level of moisture from the ocean, making the beans swell and reveal a unique new flavour.

Flavour profile: Intense & Spicy
Processing technique: Monsoon


The local farmers in Ethiopia have perfected the ancient dry-processing technique over many years, drying their whole coffee cherries in the highland sun to cultivate delicate fruity flavours. Beans are meticulous raked every hour by hand to ensure even drying.

Flavour profile: Flowery & Bright
Processing technique: Natural dry processing


In Nicaragua, the coffee bean is left in its natural fruit layer whilst drying to allow it to soak up the natural sugars and it’s referred to as Black Honey processed.

Flavor Profile : satiny smooth texture and warming sweet cereal notes. Its distinct sweetness comes from the rare Black-Honey process.

Processing technique: Black Honey Processed



The Columbian farmers use a late-harvest technique in the high forests and rolling hills of Columbia mean that the coffee is left to matter on the branch for a longer period of time. Each coffee cherry is assessed and picked only when it reaches the exact right shade of deep purple.

Flavour profile: Fruity & Vibrant
Processing technique: Late harvest


Interesting this was my favourite Master Origin coffee after tasting, but was actually my least favourite during the sensory test! I must confess to having a little coffee crush on Indonesian coffee going back to my first trip to Indonesia about eight years ago. I was blown away at the great coffee on offer all across Indonesia even at little roadside cafe’s and beachside shacks, we were served some fantastic coffee!

Constant levels of humidity in Sumatra mean that the farmers use a traditional wet-hulling method to process the coffee. Essentially the beans are hulled when they are still wet which creates a distinctive rich velvety text and a wild and woody taste.

Flavour profile: Rich & Woody
Processing technique: Wet hulling


Pottery Workshop

90% of the residents in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua work in the ceramic business, using skills passed down through generations, either processing clay, making pottery or marketing their work.

I’m never going to make a potter!

But this was a fun reminder of the event, made by me.

It’s not just down to the beans!

This clever collection demonstrates how you can’t just reply on having good coffee beans to make good coffee. How the beans are processed plays an important part too! The interesting takeaway for me is how the farmers have adapted the way in which they farm and process the beans to match their unique climate and conditions.

The final product is five distinct and original coffees which are now part of the Nespresso collection.

Image – courtesy Nespresso

Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program

The new collection forms part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program which is a sustainable programme between Nespresso and the Rainforest Alliance helping 45,000 farmers to grow high quality coffee using sustainable methods.


Nespresso have a recycling unit in Sharjah which processes coffee capsules which you return to the Nespresso shop. The grounds are added to soil which is used in Sharjah parks and were also added to the soil we used in an interactive session where we got to make our own terrarium.  The aluminium is also recycled, in fact the new Nespresso boutique in Dubai Marina Mall has counter tops made with recycled coffee capsules

Nespresso Master Origin ~ two of my favourite recipes

I’m avoiding milk at the moment so here are two espresso based coffees made with Nespresso Master Origin which don’t need milk and are bound to impress.

More recipes available on the Nespresso website

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RECIPE : Fizzy India

The cardamom brings out the coffee’s spice notes. It’s fresh and zesty. Served over ice this make a thirst-quenching drink.


TIME | 5 minutes



  • 1 capsule Master Origin India (40ml)
  • 5 cardamom seeds
  • 5 ice cubes
  • 10 ml cane syrup
  • 80 ml sparkling lemonade
  • 10 ml freshly squeezed juice from one organic lemon
  • zest of one organic lemon


  • Large Recipe galss
  • Ice cube tray
  • a small jug


  1. Place 5 cardamom seeds in a small jug and pour Master Origin India over it – let the cardamon and coffee infused whilst you prepare the rest of the drink
  2. Pour the can syrup into your large recipe glass and add 5 ice cubes
  3. Pour in the freshly sqeezed lemon juice and the sparkling lemonade
  4. Take your jug and pour the coffee and cardamom brew into the recipe glass
  5. Decorate with lemon zest.

RECIPE : Ethipia Jamming

The citrus thyme brings out the flor and jammy fruit notes. The grapefruit’s citrus aroma adds that extra touch of refreshing to this drink


TIME | 5 minutes



  • 1 capsule Master Origin Ethiopia (40ml)
  • 1 sprig citrus thyme or regular thyme
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 10 ml pink grapefruit syrup
  • 90 ml tonic water

Materials Large Recipe glass
Ice cube tray
Small jug


  1. Put a sprig of citrus thyme into your large recipe glass (or use regular thyme as an alternative)
  2. Pour in the pink grapefruit syrup
  3. Add 4 ice cubes
  4. Pour the tonic water over the ice cubes
  5. pour in the Ethiopian coffee

Tip : before you put your thyme into the recipe glass, clap the sprig between your hands to release the herb’s aroma.

Disclosure : I was an invited guest by Nespresso, all opinions are my own. Images are a taken by me.

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