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High Joint Dubai – Fantastic Burger, Wings & Fries

Small menu ~ big taste!

High Joint Dubai

Slightly off the beaten track, but easily assessable, head to Al Manara, home of High Joint Dubai – a new place that focuses only on three things – Burgers, Wings & Fries.

Add this address to your sat nat and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. This latest ‘trending’ burger place is trending for a reason! The food is so good, and so unexpected given that the menu contains just twelve food items, a few drinks and no dessert options. To add to the ‘quirkiness’ this is a super uber small eatery. There are 5 high stools and enough standing space for a few more diners who are fitted in snugly between the serving counter and store front. The walls are industrial and covered in artwork relevant to High Joint along with various items of graffiti from visiting guests – I forgot to sign the wall – reason enough to go back!

Don’t let any of this put you off at all! These guys know what they are doing and are serving up some of the best burgers and fries I’ve had, and that’s not exaggeration! Nor is this a sponsored post in anyway, although to be fair I should point out that I accepted an invite to visit, but this won’t be my last visit that’s for sure!

Ok, Onto the food! Once you’ve sorted out your seating, or standing position, you order from an iPad on a one page menu. The menu at High Joint Dubai is big enough to accommodate our needs, but not overwhelming which is good. As we’re here to review we order something from each section of the menu, burgers, wings and fries. Looking along the line to other diners we can see that this is what everyone seems to be doing too!


Served first, for some reason, are the fries but I’m not complaining, they were piping hot and a treat to eat. We’ve gone for a firm favorite of mine – truffle fries! The High Truffle Fries do not disappoint at all, Thin, Crispy and not at all oily they come smothered in truffle mayo and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Other choices are plain or the  the house signature fries which come with bacon bits, ranch dressing and  the High sauce.


Next up come our wings. We’ve selected Asian wings which are served deep fried and coated in what is described as an explosive sauce, it’s tingly, but not overly spicy (to be fair I love my spice)! along with a generous drizzle of siracha mayo. These guys know their wings! They are moist, tender and finger licking good as well as incredibly moreish.

Tip – Don’t be shy! Pick these babies up with your fingers and eat with gusto! As an aside, this is where you’ll be glad you’re not in a large cafe, as thankfully only the serving staff can see your sauce laden face!

High Joint Dubai

There are four beef burgers and two chicken burgers on the menu which gives us plenty of options and we’re told customization is possible too. Despite tucking into some fries earlier, I’m trying to eat keto so choose the Millionnaire’s High Joint Burger without the bun.  It’s the most expensive on the menu (48/AED) and comes with a  burger patty, provolone cheese, portabelo tempura, pickled onions and truffle mayo. This does not disappoint at all, infact it leaves me smiling. It’s so good! The burger is buttery tender, juicy and really tasty. Cooked perfectly, it’s a treat to eat, albeit tricky as the lack of bun means that I’m eating this wrapped in a lettuce leaf – perfect for keto but not the most glamorous of looks whilst eating! Who cares, it was darn good!

We also order Spicy Mango Slaw Chicken which comes with a generous portion of deep fried chicken, jalapeño peppers, pepper jack cheese and a mango coleslaw. I can’t verify how this one tasted as my guest hovered it up almost before I could get a photo! he says it was really good!

Chef tempts us with his favorite burger, a double High customized burger  which is fully loaded! It comes with two patties, two slices of cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and sauces stacked high between a fluffy burger bun which has been steamed for that added softness. It’s perfect and leaves us both full but craving more of the tender meat.

What makes High Joint burgers taste so good?

I manage to sneak into the kitchen with Chef Elijah to see how the patties are made and cooked. The meat is a special mix of hormone free Ribeye, Brisket and Short rib which is prepared daily for High Joint. Each pattie is shaped by hand, and cooked to order, to perfection with a special blend of seasoning which is added during the cooking process. The food here is exceptionally tasty, hearty and ‘on trend with the addition of some quirky ingredients and sauces ‘. You can eat traditional no frills, good old burger and fries, or with a bit of added flair depending on what you fancy. High Joint pay special attention to the quality of their ingredients and the way in which they are prepared and make all their own sauces too!

Overall what makes High Joint such a great find? This is a business based on a passion for a good burger paired with years of research by the owner during this travels and it shows!  The staff are friendly and the size of the place makes it a sociable dining experience. Add to this pocket friendly prices, a quirky location and interior and pop up Chef’s Table experiences, (Reif Othman starred last week), to make this place somewhere really quite special.

Details : Find High Joint Dubai on Instagram : www.instagram.com/high.joint or find them in Al Manara, next to the Ripe shop and a gorgeous little bakery, perfect for picking up some fresh bread. They also deliver, if you are lucky enough to be in their delivery area – sadly I’m not, but I’m really hoping they open some more small locations soon.

Disclaimer : I was an invited guest. All opinions are my own. All images taken by me


High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai
High Joint Dubai

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