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Hi I’m Debbie Rogers, the person behind CoffeeCakesAndRunning.  

I’m a British Expat living in Dubai with a passion for Food, Drink (Street food to Seven Star), Travel and Adventure (from a hammock on the beach to Seven Star).  

I’m often found behind a camera, laptop or slurping good coffee.  I’ve been living in Dubai since 2007 and started this website as a hobby/passion in 2011..


Why CoffeeCakesAndRunning?

An accidental blogger and passionate foodie accurately describes me and the way in which I started writing.

I started my blog in 2011 in a very unplanned way. Whilst recovering from major surgery and being bored of being housebound and awake at add hours of the night, often in significant pain I decided to learn a new skill as a way of keeping busy and distracting myself from my recovery.

  • Quite simply I ordered a book online and learnt how to set a website up (my background is HR so this was a completely new skill).
  • I figured out how to buy the domain (CoffeeCakesAndRunning)
  • I navigated the trials and tribulations of using WordPress – intially using a standard free theme, but since then I’ve moved onto self hosting and customising my site using a theme..

BEHIND THE NAME : At the time I had been reading quite a few different blogs, mainly in the US, and decided on the blog name based on some of my passions and dreams at the time. Coffee + Cakes + Running. Ta da! The blog was born!

So to add some context to all of the above and to how the blog has devloped, Coffee & Cakes – translates to Food and Drink and Running – err, well, not anymore, but when I started the blog back in 2011 I was into getting fit and running (I did two half marathons but in all honesty never really felt the love for running that others do). I guess in today’s world running applies to everything I do whether that be real running in my on/off relationship with training, running to an appointment or review, or just running/jogging/strolling or sautering along on the virtual treadmill of everyday life! But I guess that’s a whole post in it’s own.


Topics that I write about:

In a more general sense I write about Food, Travel & Coffee ~ with a slice of life on the side.

My blog is about Food & Drink – from dining out to cooking at home -healthy & indulgent are covered here.

Travel – both in the UAE and further afield. I love traveling, from adventure to luxury or somewhere in between, it’s all about the experience.

Coffee – Speciality Coffee is my thing. I write about where to find Speciality Coffee in Dubai with a helpful Speciality Coffee Map, through to coffee recipes and learning how to pour the perfect latte.

Whilst the focus of the blog is described above, I also write about Life!  More specifically I cover a few Expat Tips and being Healthy

The My Dubai section covers some of my favorite experiences in Dubai, be it celebrating Ramadan and Fasting, or helping with FilingThe Blues, and occasionally the odd trip to the salon for hair or nails.

I occasionally I write a ‘from the heart’ posts or tips about blogging sharing a few tips that I’ve learnt along the way.


Things that get me excited! – aka more about me!


I am a lady of extremes loving authentic adventure backpacking trips to off the beaten track destinations as much as five star luxury experiences and retreats.

I love beaches, cities, jungles and private islands – just kidding I haven’t been on a private island yet!  I dream of trekking to see wild gorillas in Rwanda, doing the Trans Siberian Express, Climbing up Machu Pichu, Swimming with Sharks, watching the Northern Lights, Trekking through Jordan, Taking a total digital detox, Flying in a private jet, Taking a Cruise, Afternoon tea on the Orient Express, Hot air ballooning some where exotic, A parachute jump, Swimming with dolphins, going completely ‘off grid’ for a while  …. etc, etc etc …….

Chefs and their Stories

Whilst I love dining ‘front of house’, and who wouldn’t I’m sure! I’m also passionate about learning about the inspiration that happens behinds the scenes. Where do the chefs get their ingredients from, what inspires their cooking, who inspires their cooking, how do they make dish xyzzy taste and look so good etc. … So I’m equally comfortable in the kitchen, at the market or chatting to Chef as they cook and show me a bit of their magic.


I’m passionate about coffee and am a real coffee lover, always on the hunt for specialty coffee and an avid supporter of Specialty Coffee Shops & Roasters. I’m always hunting out new coffee beans and coffee gadgets to grind and brew at home too.   Chatting to baristas as they brew, trying to pour some latte art (not as easy as it seems), learning about new beans, new brewing methods etc is all up my street and I’d love to go to some of the Barista championships around the world.

Photography & Videography

I’m not a professional photographer or videographer, but try to showcase everything I experience as best as I can using my Nikon 3200 and Sony A6000. or smartphone – currently a Samsung Galaxy S6.  My aim is to take gorgous shots (that are authentic and with just a few minor adjustments rather than heavily edited) that inspire you to follow some of my adventures and experiences. More often than not I’ll be behind the camera rather than in front so I won’t be covering, ‘outfit of the day’, more likely dish of the day, coffee of the day, or documenting my travel experiences as they happen.


I’m an absolute lover of gadgets – from kitchen appliances and kitchen drawer tools through to laptops, phones, cameras and headphones, Tv’s, to laptops  – basically anything that makes life easier  for me (or is shiny and comes in chrome!) is something I’m interested in – but am yet to blog about it, perhaps I should! – watch this space!


Finally – Something hardly anyone knows about me : I used to play saxaphone in a jazz band  #BackInTheDay

 Follow me

Find me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and please do feel free to contact me, I love to hear from you.  I’m also on Snapchat as CoffeeCakesRun.


On Content

  • I always write in my own style so will be open and honest in my posts. Writing with integrity and authenticity is one of my key values.
  • I do not write about anything that I have not personally experienced and therefore I do not rehash press releases into content.
  • I do not endorse products unless I actually use them myself regularly.


  • I am not a fitness/nutrition/diet expert so please take advice if you are considering taking up exercise etc.
  • All opinions in this blog are my own.
  • All images (unless mentioned otherwise) are taken by me and are my property, please don’t reuse them without my express permission.
  • When I am provided with a complimentary food and/or drink or receive a press invite to attend a particular event I will elude to that in the post.  
  • Opinions and reviews : my reviews are based on my opinions and personal experience on the day that I visited an establishment, 
  • I do not accept invites on the basis of providing reviews on review sites eg Trip Advisor, Zomato etc


Please note : Everyone of us, has a different perception of taste, flavour, value for money, favourite food and view on what is good/bad service etc – this is very subjective.  I try very hard to portray my experience and to give an accurate view based on my experience at the time of my visit – but you must appreciate this is based on my opinions and expectations which may be different than yours.


Media Licence :


I do not accept payment for posts on this website, or on my personal social media channels and I am not registered, nor do I intend to be registered for a Media License at this time (or until such time as I am required to do so). My current understanding is that this is not required but if the situation changes I will revie this.


 FoodeMag dxb


In addition to writing here, I am also Editor and Business Head for Food e Mag dxb, please click on the link to find out more. FoodeMag dxb is a commercial magazine and is registered as a free zone Company in Dubai, whilst CoffeeCakesAndRunning is very much a personal website.


Work with me over at FoodeMag dxb


Have something which is related to Food, Travel or Wellness,  then do get in touch for Editorial considerations for FoodeMag dxb by contacting me [email protected]


And finally, a little bit about my followers and readers:


The majority of my followers & readers are in Dubai and the UAE then Europe and the US. My blog reaches across the world too.

Social Media Analytics (Instagram) :

Audience Credibility 99.3%

71% of my followers are in the UAE, 65% are in Dubai

64% are female.36 % are male

82% of my followers are interested in Food & Restaurants

64% are interested in Travel & Tourism

58% in Healthy LifeStyle and 50% Coffee, Tea & Beverages

Source : Deep Social


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