12WBT Prep – Round 1 2012

Yahoo – It’s getting closer ! The official start of the challenge is on 13th Feb just 5 days away and believe it or not I’m getting quite excited 🙂

If you don’t know what I’m talking about – take a look at www.12WBT.com

I know the next 12 weeks are going to be a challenge – but I see them as a positive challenge, time to test myself physically, time to really focus on nutrition and time to work towards achieving some stretching goals.

So what have I done so far? Well I’ve completed 7 of the 8 pre-season tasks – and the final one is released tomorrow.

Task 1 : Introduce Yourself
Task 2 : Get Real
Task 3 : Set Your Goals
Task 4 : Gear Up
Task 5 : Say It Out Loud
Task 6 : Kitchen Makeover
Task 7 : Organise & Diarise

The final task is Task 8 : Measure Up

In addition I should be receiving a grocery shopping list and menus and recipes for the first week of the challenge (you get these every week).

I’ve talked about Tasks 1 and 2 already in previous posts.

Task 3 : Set Your Goals
So here goes : in the spirit of being fully transparent here are my goals :

Month 1 – Run a 5k – WITHOUT STOPPING *

Month 3 – Run a 10k – WITHOUT STOPPING *
& Do a Tandem parachute jump over Palm Jumeira (am hoping they’ll let me choose which HUNK I get strapped to for this …..)

Month 6 – Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Month 12 – Run the 10k and 1/2 Marathon to beat my current Personal Bests

Task 4 : Gear Up
Being the gadget geeky girl that I am – I enjoyed the Gear Up challenge the most !! It was an opportunity to buy some new sports kit (which looks kinda sexy – in a ‘sweaty’ type of way !), I also bought a cute Camelbak water pack which I can use for running and also bought a Garmin Forerunner training watch.

I’ve been wanting a new running watch for a while. I have the Nike+ System but to be honest it’s gotten more and more unreliable over time and the web training site – which is really good – is proving harder and harder to use due to system reliability issues.

I have to say, my eagerness to use the Garmin means I haven’t as yet read the user manual – so in a way – I’m quite clueless with it !!

As an example, today I did a BodyPump class and wanted to use the Garmin just to record calories and Heart-rate (I know it can do tons more I just needed it to do a few simple things!) BUT I failed to get it to work – yeah sure I pressed lots of buttons, and I thought I had set it to start about 4 times – but it recorded an exercise session of 1 hour 15 minutes (correct) and a calorie burn of 2 calories – WTH – since I was breathing heavily and dripping sweat and most certainly not led on the floor fast asleep (nice thought though) ! – I know this was wrong !! Either that or I really do have a super slow metabolism !!!  Oh well I’m going to have to download & read the manual !!! (RTFM – I know !, I know !)  In my defence – it does look kinda cute on my wrist 🙂 See I told you I was a girly gadget geek !

Task 5 : Say It Out Loud
I tweeted this the other day, and am ‘saying it out loud’ here and also will do the same on Saturday when I meet some fellow 12WBT peeps in Dubai and Al Ain.

I’m a big fan of ‘saying it out loud’ & in a way that’s why I’m running next week’s half marathon in RAK – I’m not ready for it – I’m not fully trained and if I’m honest – I’m not looking forward to it. BUT – I’ve committed to doing it, have tweeted about it publicly and as a result of this -I know I WILL finish !!

Task 6 : Kitchen Makeover
This wasn’t difficult as mainly my kitchen food complies with all of the guidance given as I’ve been mainly clean eating for the last two years. I may have a challenge when it comes to nutrition as I may have to modify the diet to fit some of the challenges I have in terms of nutrition with my little stomach – I’ll see how this one goes.

Task 7 – Organise & Diarise
I’m going to blog about this as a new blog post – as I’m just working this one out now.

  • the without stopping – is a biggie for me – I don’t really ‘feel the love’ for running – I do it as a way of challenging myself. I don’t seem to be able to ‘get in the zone’ that lots of other runners talk about – by that I mean to get your pace and breathing right so that you can just keep going. I honestly think this is mainly a ‘head’ thing – as I can run further if I am running with someone and am distracted. So I’ll have to figure our how to conquer this. I can do it on a treadmill just don’t manage to do it outside.

If anyone knows the secret of ‘getting into the zone’ please let me know – in the meantime I’m going to use the C25k training – weeks 4-9 as part of my first months training plan. I’m hoping by ‘going back to basics’ I can get my head to accept that my body can run !!

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