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Specialty Coffee Shops and Coffee Roasters in Dubai

updated : 11th Jan 2017

This post was originally posted in June 2014, but has been updated over time to reflect new openings in Dubai and to cover Sharjah too.

I have restricted the listing to cover only those places offering Specialty Coffee or Coffee Roasters.

I have excluded the large chains instead focusing on smaller independents, and/or niche Coffee specialists.  

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Boon Coffee

Boon Coffee is run by the lovely Orit who introduced Ethiopian Coffee to Dubai through her passion of the coffee. Coffee is organic and sourced direct from the Famers. Boon provide quality coffee to many an establishment in Dubai, Baker & Spice and Urban Cafe to name a few, she recently set up her own Boon Coffee Bar in JLT where her team of baristas serve a host of coffees with Ethiopian Coffee and organic honey. Find Boon coffee at The Farmers Market On The Terrace every Friday during the winter months. #ProudlyEthiopian

Cafe Rider

Cafe Rider boasts a perfect blend of motorbikes and Specialty coffee. They have their own in-house roastery and also serve selected Specialty Coffee from around the world. The atmosphere is always friendly and the baristas are skilled in a few tricks with coffee cocktail combinations – think fruit meets coffee and you won’t be disappointed. The venue is also home to the Ghaf foodtruck so there’s some gorgeous food on offer. The large converted warehouse space is industrial and spacious. Coffee is made at the bar where you are encouraged to chat to the barista as they put their skills to the test. Free Wifi and a small children’s area too. #Work&Play

Gold Box Roastery

You might have seen the Goldbox Piaggo out and about over the winter with it’s distinctive gold colours! Aside from the mobile operation, Goldbox roastery is located in Al Quoz, and is a close neighbour to Cafe Rider. Coffee is sourced directly from the farmers and expertly brewed. Check this place out for some interesting Specialty coffee chat, great coffee and two passionate ladies who are responsible for all the decoration inside the warehouse which is no mean feat. Find them at various events and make a beeline to their Nitro Brew whic is fab #NitrobrewLiquidGold

Kaffa Bean

Located in Silicon Oasis, it’s a little off the beaten track but well worth the drive. Coffee is roasted on site and there’s a great food menu as well. Staff are very knowledgable about the coffee and they roast most days. Plenty of different brewing methods available and a mix of single origin and blended coffee available. Use Google Maps to get you there, it’s now where you expect it to be, but very worth the drive. #ProudlyKaffa

Nightjar Coffee

They say : Micro & Nano-Lot | Direct Trade | Almighty Specialty Coffee | #nightjarcoffee Origins & options now available online.

These guys are a little elusive, they are located in Al Quoz and are supplying coffee to Mirzan chocolate as well as on-line. their instagram feed promises some locally roasted single origin coffee with a dark cold brew. More information to come when they either open to the public, or respond to my messages 🙂

Raw Coffee

One of the original roasters in Dubai, the Raw Coffee Roastery in Al Quoz is a bit tricky to find, but worth the U-turns and redirects. The roastery is a great place to hang out for a few hours to work, as well as to engage in coffee chat with the baristas. Coffee sacks converted into sofa and chair coverings seal the deal in terms of an ‘addicted to coffee’ feel. Raw have also opened a new outlet the Raw Coffee Cafe which is located in Um Sequiem in the Emirates Hospitality Academy. Whilst I love Raw coffee when it’s brewed in the roastery and at a few selected outlets, it often leaves me underwhelmed when brewed incorrectly at external outlets. #Raw

Stomping Grounds Specialty Coffee

Lovers of Specialty Batch will be pleased to know that Dubai’s original Speciality Roaster has finally moved to Jumeirah.  Situated close to the zoo in a converted villa there’s a huge outdoor space as well as a funky indoor space to keep Specialty coffee lovers happy. The team of Barista’s are incredibly knowledgeable and can chat about coffee all day long if you will let them. Coffee is roasted on site, and there are always different coffee roasts to try as well as plenty of different brewing methods. Stomping Grounds also boasts a full food menu taking you through from breakfast through to dinner, the menu is thoughtful and tasty and extremely popular too. Come here and be as happy with the food as you are the coffee which is a rare occurence #CoffeeLoveFoods

Seven Fortunes

Seven friends got together and started roasting their own coffee on a small scale, from memory whilst they were studying abroad. The coffee is now available in Dubai and is roasted at a micro roastery in Al Quoz. I’ve seen their coffee at a few cafes whilst out and about, mainly in D3 and some of the uber trendy eateries, and as Grind Coffee in collaboration with the foodtruck (which is no longer a foodtruck) #FindSalt – they also sell on-line. #MicroMystery

Jebena Specialty Coffee

Born out of a passion for Speciality Coffee following his global travels, this  roaster is located in Dubai Investment Park and roasts regularly, with regular cupping sessions open to the public. I’m sure they are suppliying to some restaurants and/or hotels, but as yet that information is not public. Order on-line and they will deliver to you. There are training courses for home baristas and regular barista training courses too. Gorgeous coffee which we wish we could taste in more venues. #ElusivelyGood

Coffee Planet

Whilst they don’t have any physical Coffee Shops here, you are sure to have drunk their coffee as it’s available in a lot of hotels and cafes plus fuel stations. You can also buy their Coffee Blends and in supermarkets (hold out for the beans if you can, and if you love coffee you should know this anyways). Their full range of coffee including their special Single Origin Coffee and Coffee Pods can be ordered on-line. Coffee is roasted at their Roastery where they occasionally hold public cupping sessions. #MyOnTheRoadFriend

Spill The Bean

Located on a sunny corner of Sunset Mall on the Beach Road. This is a place for real coffee fans with single origin coffee and blends from Raw Coffee. An ardent coffee fan, Ola the owner has included a wide range of different coffee options for her clients to taste with firm favourites and cold pressed coffee. Food here has an emphasis on healthy and light, I can confirm it which tastes good too! Free Wifi and underground parking and very child friendly. #healthy

The Espresso Lab

Just around the corner from Stomping Grounds, Espresso Lab is situation in the One Hundred Wellness Studio. Espresso Lab was set up by the UAE’s First Emirati Barista and is currently home to the UAE Barista Champion. Some fantastic coffee on offer in a beautiful setting. There are plans for expansion with a second outlet and micro roastery planned. Go in the cooler months and you can enjoy coffee in the outdoor garden which is very relaxing. #zen


Artisinal handcrafted cold brew coffee, which is superb and at the moment is sold only on-line or via a number of gyms and selected outlets.  Expect big news to be announced soon as they are moving to Ras Al Khor with a unique Bean to Bottle location and experience. #excited


The first Speciality Coffee to hit JBR! Located in a small coffee shop on The Walk Nostalgia focusses on three main things, Specialty Coffee sourced from the Espresso Lab, Gorgeous hand-made gelato and hand made chocolates, there are a few other bits and pieces too, but this is the main focus.  Coffee comes with a cute tasting card to explain about the origins of the coffee etc and the staff are really friendly and engaging. #refreshing

Mokha 1450

Garth, who owns Mokha 1450 is extremely passionate about coffee and there are plenty of different brewing methods going on as well as a variety of Speciality Coffee for you to try – they often get in special micro lots of rare and expensive coffee. Located just off the Al Wasl Road, the shop is a great find and the baristas are passionate about their coffee which they should be as they have some exceptionally good and expensive coffee on the shelves including Ethiopian Geisha at a premium price. Update : the small shop has expanded so there’s more room for coffee lovers to share a good brew.

Brew Cafe

Brew Cafe is situated in Umm Sequiem and although it’s a small location, they pack a lot in, in terms of great Specialty Coffee, gorgeous design and knowledge of coffee. Coffee is from specialist small coffee roasters across the world and Dubai Specialty Coffee too. Parking can be a bit tricky at peak times, but it’s worth finding a space to enjoy the coffee and vibe.

Rose Leaf

This is a bit of a hidden gem situated in the Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road. Take a seat surrounded by plants and greenery and feel like you’ve left Dubai. The breakfast prices are particularly reasonable. Lunch choices change daily, with 3 or specials each day as well as some regular offerings. The cakes and sweet treats change regularly. Coffee is from Coffee Planet Roastery and expertly brewed. They have free Wifi and it’s a great place to hang out with friends or to work as the seating works for either. Rose, is constantly adding new products to the menu, so you never get bored of this delightful menu or venue.

Cafe Retro

Situated in uptown Mirdiff, this is a bit of a drive if you live my end of town but somewhere worth a visit. The great attraction for me is that the guys really know how to make great coffee. Sit at the coffee bar and chat to the baristas as they work. There are a ton of coffee gadgets on sale and being used too.  Coffee choices include cappuccinos made with camel milk along with single origin coffees and some great breakfast and lunch treats.  This is the sort of place where you can hang around all day.  There is an outdoor terrace, a snug area and plenty of comfortable chairs where you can borrow a book from the cafe library or indulge in some coffee talk with the staff. Free Wifi. #Relax

Drip House Coffee

The first Speciality Coffee Place in Dubai Investment Park, this is very much a Community Coffee Shop, with special offers for breakfast and lunch, as well as some fab coffee sourced primarily from Goldbox Roastery. V60, Aeropress, Cold Drip and Syphon coffee brewing methods as well as great espresso too. #Community

Walters Coffee (Dubai Mall)

Remember Breaking Bad? Walters Coffee is now here in Dubai, located at Dubai Mall which now offers a few Speciality Coffee hangouts for coffee lovers. I visited just before they opened and they were serving a house blend but are promising single origin speciality coffee soon. Sadly no promised roastery for now. With references to Breaking Bad the staff are dressed in yellow Hazmat outfits and there are science references on the wall, and quite a bit of dry ice action too sadly just for show not for brewing which might be fun. Could be a quirky hangout, will be interesting to see what their single origins are like as the house blend wasn’t totally to my taste. #NeedsAnotherVisit

% Arabica (Dubai Mall, City Walk)

This Japanese concept is now in Dubai, but don’t worry it’s still pretty exclusive and not a big chain.  There are two shops, a smaller one in Dubai and a larger branch where they roast in City Walk. Keep your eye out for some exceptional latte art and great tasting coffee. Walk around Dubai Mall and find it, or any of the others mentioned here, steer clear of the larger coffee chains if at all possible, your palate will thank you for it. #CoolVibes

Common Grounds | Tom & Serge | The Sum of Us (Mall Of the Emirates)

Three different concepts but all operated but the same guys, Tom & Serge. Coffee is roasted at The Sum of Us which is on Sheikh Zayed Road and then supplied to the other locations. Personally the coffee is served too cool for my taste and so I give it a miss, but none the less each outlet seems to be popular with others. Each outlet offers a variety of food choices and each location and concept is slightly different. The guys were the original pioneers to move into Al Quoz area with Tom & Serge and to set a different tone and vibe to the Dubai cafe scene. They host popular pop up evenings and various events. Regular Cupping sessions are also held at The Sum of Us. Common Grounds in in Mall of The Emirates – offering the only Specialty Coffee (a house blend) in the mall at the moment. #NotForMeButHasAFollowing

ChezMoe (DUbai Mall)

Operating for a few coffee trikes located at Dubai Mall, as well as a cosy coffee bar, Chez Moe serves Specialty Single Origin Coffee roasted by Goldbox as well as some carefully selected pastries from Baker & Spice.  They are currently serving Brazilian coffee from a small harvest from a single producer. The Gold Box team roast the coffee here in Dubai in small batches. You can also find the Trikes out and about at various events and at Al Manara Centre, Liberty House, and Convention Tower. #Organic

Dubai Coffee Museum

The Coffee Museum is located in Al Fahidi area in an old Emirati style house. There’s an interesting museum set on two levels as well as an opportunity to try Ethiopian coffee brewed in a pot and turkish coffee heated in hot sand on the ground floor. Staff are very knowledable and it’s a fun thing to do. Everything here is part of a private collection and there are coffee related curios from around the world. Upstairs there is a modern coffee shop with plenty of different brewing methods. There’s also a small shop selling a range of coffee brewing gadgets etc. #WishItWasCloserToMyPlace

Sabado Coffee Club

Not strictly a cafe, but included her for completeness, there’s the Sabado Coffee Club which rotates location regularly and allows passionate coffee lovers to meet up and take part in cupping sessions. This is one of the best ways to get an understanding of what type of coffee you like and don’t like and to gain a better appreciation of different coffees. Blind cupping, an opportunity to meet other coffee lovers makes this a great place to meet. #GreatToMingle

The Majlis Dubai

Included as it’s a great place to take visitors, who want to feel the spirit of Dubai, and to taste authentic Qhawah coffee. The Majlis can be found in the grounds of the Jumeirah Mosque in Jumeirah One. Set out Majlis style inside with lovely leather arm chairs and relaxed seating this bright and airy cafe serves up a whole host of all day dining treats with a consistent theme being that the food is designed to be eaten with your fingers and it’s served on tiered plates reminiscent of afternoon tea. There are plenty of choices of tea and coffee available including drinks made with camel milk and the traditional Qhawah coffee which is sometimes hard to find in Dubai. The Majlis contains some well stocked bookshelves with plenty of books about Arabic culture etc which you can read as you dine. #MyAuthenticEscape

Bio Bean Coffee Truck

This coffee truck can be found at various events in and around Dubai.  They serve Ethiopian single origin coffee from Boon Coffee and are worth hunting out if you are at an event and want a special cup of coffee. #EventSavior


Watch out for this quirky pop up Coffee ‘truck’ which is actually a converted bright red land rover 4 x 4 which pops up at events across the UAE. Rumor has it they will be moving to JBR later this year, not sure what coffee they serve, apart from Arabic Qhawa but could be a quirky place to enjoy. #Yalla!

Zawaya Coffee

The second Speciality Coffee Shop in Sharjah, yay!  Located close to the Emirates Road and Sharjah Universities. I’ve not yet been to visit, but the Instagram feed looks incredible. Single Origin coffee from Goldbox with a variety of different brewing methods is on offer including, what I’m told is a very good cold brew. There’s plenty of great looking sweet and savory food as well (but of course the focus is on the coffee). The urban rustic designed interior seems to fit the overall vibe of the cafe well.


Ratios Coffee Shop, Sharjah

Not technically in Dubai, you’ll have to cross the border to Sharjah, you will find Ratios Coffee Shop which is located in the Heart of Sharjah overlooking the Sharjah Creek. Coffee is sourced from micro roasters and along with the coffee there are options for food as well from breakfast pastries, sandwiches and desserts. One of only two places to drink Specialty Coffee in Sharjah.